I am proud and grateful of having been alble to create this video together with the great ladies Nicole Bernegger and Steffi Klär.

For this video I was using the tripod mostly in "low mode" by turning the central column of the tripod around. This way the camera was hanging very short above the ground. 

This video has developed from a collaboration of the entire crew.

Song: Sina, Adrian Stern

Cameras: Pat Wettstein

Lighting: Patrik Ita

Concept and post production:

Michael Chylewski

This video was shot with my cell phone. I really enjoy tweaking it in order to get the best possible look from it.

More... (for nerds only)

This is so far my most extensive video. I've used 5 cameras and 8 audio tracks.

Here's a Video with Alex Hamburger (fl), José Luiz Martins (p) und Chase Kuesel (dr). We've used two iPhones and a Nikon DSLR. However, the iPhone footage looks better than the Nikon.

It's fun to do some creative work while travelling. I've recorded the soundtrack in my hotel room.